Est. Herzogenaurach, Germany x 1948

Founded by Rudolf Dassler, after a well-documented falling out with brother Adi Dassler (future Adidas founder) - Puma established its connection to sport through basketball, running, soccer, and auto racing footwear.

Following sprinter Tommie Smith's record-breaking 1968 Olympic Gold and iconic civil rights imagery - the global brand solidified a role in U.S. sneaker culture via the prominence of Puma "suedes" throughout b-boy culture.

From 2014 through 2018, Puma partnered with Rihanna as its Creative Director of women's sportswear and collaborated with her Fenty brand on a number of runway projects.  In 2018, Puma enlisted Jay-Z as Creative Director of basketball footwear and has since parlayed the move into a signature shoe deal with rising NBA star Lamelo Ball - popularized by the Rick and Morty x Puma MB.01 collaboration in 2022.

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