• XLarge Slanted OG Tee [black]

XLarge Slanted OG Tee [black]

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front & back screenprint / mens sizing

Spring-Summer 2021

Est. LA x 1991

XLarge is a streetwear brand created by Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman.  The two college roommates based their brand identity off of 90's LA style - Nike Cortez, Adidas shell toes, blue collar workwear, and simple MLB hats.

The iconic XLarge ape logo was inspired by a blend of West Coast graffiti and local workwear brand, Ben Davis.  Drawing from the Ben Davis ape mascot, the duo received permission from artist Steven Gianakos to reference his famous "Millions of Gorillas" painting through XLarge branding.  With the help of close friend Mike D (Beastie Boys), the brand would experience exponential growth and emerge as a pioneer of LA streetwear culture.