• Pleasures Stretch Long-Sleeve

Pleasures Stretch Long-Sleeve

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front graphic / mens sizing

Holiday 2021

Est. LA x 2015

Pleasures is an apparel brand inspired by early Internet and music subcultures; and naturally, sexual freedom.  Founded in 2015 by Alex James & Vlad Elkin, Pleasures reflects the energy of the nu-metal, punk, hardcore, and rave scenes - through a brash and provocative design language that pays tribute to the influence of these subcultures on the founders' identities.

James & Elkin created Pleasures to represent a segment of the music industry often overlooked by the mainstream, in addition to focusing on accessible fashion for individuals with similar Goodwill upbringings.

The brand exploded into mainstream streetwear culture in 2017, after participating in a hybrid concert-runway show at the Staples Center (LA) with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.  Fast forward to November 2021 and momentum continues to build - fresh off a collaborative Club C release with Reebok.